Quick Facts

Campus locations and enrollment

Fall 2013 enrollment by campus*:

  Pullman   19,446  
  Spokane   1,367  
  Tri-Cities   1,347  
  Vancouver   3,097  
  WSU North Puget Sound at Everett   Available Sept. 2014  
  WSU Online (Global Campus)   2,376  
  Total:   27,642**  
*Headcount enrollment reporting is based on the federal Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) definition, which excludes students enrolled exclusively in Education Abroad (E_A 300 class), Cooperative Agreement, and for audit only.
**Students enroll at multiple campuses; the sum of all campuses does not equal the total.

2013 freshman enrollment:

  Pullman   3,763  
  Tri-Cities   135  
  Vancouver   236  
  WSU Online (Global Campus)   29  

Entering 2013 Pullman freshmen:

  Average GPA   3.28  
  GPAs over 3.60   25.6%  
  Average SAT score   1036  

Student profile

Average student age (all campuses):

  Undergraduate   23  
  Graduate   31  

Gender (all campuses):

  Men   49%  
  Women   51%  

Multicultural students:

  Pullman   26%  
  Spokane   21%  
  Tri-Cities   32%  
  Vancouver   21%  
  WSU Online (Global Campus)   22%  

Where students are from (all campuses):

  In-state   84%  
  Out-of-state   9%  
  International   7%  

Countries represented by international students at each campus:

  Pullman   95  
  Spokane   14  
  Tri-Cities   15  
  Vancouver   21  
  WSU Online (Global Campus)   21  
International students at Pullman: 1,799

Academic programs

Academic majors: More than 200 fields of study
Student to faculty ratio:
  • Approximately 16 to 1
WSU Online degrees and certificates (Global Campus)
Study abroad:

1,400+ education abroad programs in nearly all countries around the world

Academic units

Colleges: 11 colleges

Financial facts

Research and development expenditures:

$335.9 million (National Science Foundation, 2012)

Private support (FY 2013):

$109.4 million

Financial aid and scholarships:

$262.2 million to 20,107 students (FY 2013)

Operating budget:

$1.8 billion, 2011–13 biennium ($348 million from state appropriations, not including tuition and fees)

Capital budget:

$273.2 million, 2011-13 biennium

Endowment (2013):

$779.9 million ($349.9 million WSU Foundation; $430 million land-grant funds)

100+ years of history

The University opened its doors in 1892 as the Washington Agricultural College and School of Science with 13 collegiate and 46 preparatory students. It is now a nationally recognized research university enrolling more than 25,000 students worldwide.

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WSU Facts and Figures brochure (PDF)
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